Fulham – Early Years outdoors

“The new design has made a significant impact on the quality of activity in both zones. The quieter activities are not disrupted now by bikes and fast play. The children are more engrossed in group work without disturbance.” The EYFS outdoor environment was unstructured and children who were overwhelmed by frenetic activity felt uncomfortable. Several … Read more

Engaging Children In Design – Loose Parts used in school grounds design projects

“Felicity really helped us all to understand the practical implications of the decisions we were making through a hands-on and engaging process.” – Deputy Head Loose parts can be used very effectively to engage children and staff in school grounds design projects, both as a problem-solving tool and as a way to find out the key … Read more

Liss – Den building, fund raising and and parental engagement

“Felicity combines all the creative skills and innovation of a landscape architect with a really deep and instinctive understanding of how children interact physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually with the natural world.” What went well I personally appreciated the time and attention which Felicity invested at the start in observing and talking to the children … Read more

Brackenbury Primary. ‘Chatterboxes’ – A case study in curriculum delivery through grounds development

“When children are involved it helps to engage all the school community – parents and teachers are more aware of the details of a project because of what they see the children do. ” – Headteacher Identifying problems, designing solutions, safe use of wood carving tools, 2D and 3D shape recognition, social and emotional development, habitats and … Read more

Nature Lab Scientist in Residence project

“This project was particularly successful in its impact on the children’s learning” Leesa Shoonerman” – Headteacher Staff quotes “Year 2 were so excited and were telling the Nursery children what they had been doing in the garden.” “One child who has been speaking mostly in single words was inspired today to speak a whole sentence!” Background … Read more

Modelling ideas and PSHE Case Study

“Felicity understands how children learn” – Senior LEA Learning and Teaching advisor Background Schools often identify issues in their grounds, from playtime behaviour problems, “quiet areas” that are not quiet, football dominating the playground, the need for shade/shelter etc. Landscapes Naturally can help you develop solutions to issues, layouts and designs using modelling to make the … Read more

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