Schools often identify issues in their grounds, from playtime behaviour problems, “quiet areas” that are not quiet, football dominating the playground, the need for shade/shelter etc. Landscapes Naturally can help you develop solutions to issues, layouts and designs using modelling to make the process easier and more inclusive.



Children and staff together develop and test ideas in a fun outdoor workshop supported by Landscapes Naturally, an experienced landscape architect. The budget for this can range from a few hundred pounds for one day advice and workshop with school council, to a series of workshops over a longer time scale involving all teaching/support staff, children and the whole school community.

Children of all ages use a wide range of materials provided by Landscapes Naturally, and gleaned from the school site, to address a specific need, or discuss experiences that are missing in their play and learning environment and start to develop ideas to making changes to their site. Every workshop is recorded with a photo story and/or video to contribute to the next steps in the decision making process, which Landscapes Naturally also supports, as required.


Experience to date shows that SMT members praise the process for its creativity in engaging the school community, the children have fun and the staff feel listened to and valued. Specific curriculum content is often included in the workshops, planned in advance with class teachers.

Using modelling is an effective vehicle for encouraging verbal expression of ideas and opinions – from design solutions to PSHE and SEAL applications. Whatever the scale of your project this approach gives you inspiring ideas and solutions to fit your budget.

“Felicity encourages co-construction of learning… there is always some flexibility if a child spots something of interest she will follow their lead” – Evaluation – Creative Partnerships

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