Water has a fascination for most people, and is a great hands-on learning resource, but not every school, wants, or has the resources, to manage a pond all year round.



Landscapes Naturally can run spring/summer workshops in your school bringing a natural water and wildlife environment to your grounds for a few days for your children to explore. The costs range form a one day workshop (a few hundred pounds) to a longer series of supported workshops over several days or a week so all children can take advantage of the temporary installation.

Wildlife investigation, identification, classification, solar power fountains, gravity fountains, rainbows, reflection, DT (shadufs and water screws etc.) or large scale temporary water feature e.g for testing sails as part of air resistance studies… whatever your thoughts we can tailor the workshop to meet your specific curriculum requirements and AT1. From large to small scale ponds we have the resources to support your children’s learning.


Children and staff find water projects irresistible. The project can also be used to experiment with the idea of a permanent wild life pond or water feature for longer term implementation, which Landscapes Naturally can also help you design and deliver.

“I found some water snails.” – Yr5

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