An apple a day......

apple roasting fire

Fruitful ideas
I have just done an INSET day at a London school titled, “Fruitful Ideas”; they have one apple tree in the garden (that I worked with them to develop last year). I was working with the teachers to think of all the ways that they could use apples as a learning resource this term. I put apples from their own tree on the teachers’ tables at the start of the day and took them outside into the garden to get some more ideas flowing - after all one of the Head’s main aims was to get them and their classes outside to learn! Well the ideas flowed thick and fast and here are just some of the things that they will be working on this term: Apple stories - myths and legends, investigating Tudor apple varieties (like Leathercoat, Pomewater, Codlin, Jennetting), Apple Enterprise (selling juice and pies to re-invest on the garden), apple art, tree dressing, apple carving, apple maths and apple roasting over an open fire! The school are so excited about the ideas and the feedback from the children that we will be doing some more work with them this academic year.

Who would have thought so much could come from the humble apple!

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