Fresh Baked on an open fire!


Freshly Baked on an open fire!
Year 5 had a great end of term science workshop baking bread outside on a very windy day.  Our Risk/Benefit Assessment allowed us to modify the activity to make it safe despite the wind (so no dangerous sparks!) The class prepared the dough in the morning, and by after break it had risen and was ready! This generated lots of good questions about why, how, yeasts etc. and discussion about the best design of rolls/loaves to cook ouside. The design of the makeshift outdoor oven was also a great science activity! What a challenge to get the heat on top as well as underneath, and how NOT to burn the rolls before they were cooked in the middle! Camp fire songs gave way to practicing the christmas songs, and then everyone enjoyed a taste of their own baked bread. Word spread around the school, along with the smell of freshly baked loaves!
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